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You are a lonely line, drifting through a shriveling field of shooting stars. 

It didn't use to be like this. Life as a Virgule was once a tranquil and peaceful existence. Floating around the Great Field without a care in the world, the Virgule left a beautiful rainbow trail in its path. 

But everything changed when the User summoned the shooting stars. Relentlessly piercing the Great Field from every direction, they now strike ripples across its once calm and inky waters. 

Gone are the days of peace and serenity, expunged by a violently hectic struggle to survive against all odds. Evade the crashing waves of shooting stars in the once Great Field, as it slowly collapses and shrivels under the immense stress of the everlasting stellar onslaught.

Legend has it that the User doomed the Virgule and The Great Field with one of his many artifacts bestowed upon him, the Bar of SPACE. Not only can it summon the shooting stars, but once they are on their way it will take control of the Virgule's vertices. Tap it once to switch between the two of them, or firmly hold it to command them both at once. To aid him in maneuvering the Virgule, the Creator has also gifted the User a Quiver containing the four ARROWS of Direction, which shall grant him precise control over the course and speed of the Great Field's currents.


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